Friday, May 19, 2006

Ruby Exercises

I have mentioned before that I was in the process of reading Programming Ruby (2nd edition). The more I read it, the more I love Ruby.

However, as I have learned in the past, reading a book about a programming language does NOT mean that I truly understand the depths of what I am reading. Consequently, I have decided to come up with a series of exercises/drills/katas to force me to use Ruby.

Though I would like to come up with an actual list custom-designed for my needs, for the mean time I have decided just start programming and stop making excuses.


Blogger Choseman said...

Hey Jonathan,

So I couldn't tell whether or not you did create some exercises for Programming Ruby. I am enjoying it too but finding it lacking in the practice area. Thus, I set out to find some.


5:47 PM  

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